How Apothecanna Converted 5% of Traffic to Leads, Resulting in 80X ROI in 3 Months

Apothecanna is one of the pioneers of the CBD skincare industry. Their mission is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant-based medicine and help individuals bring balance to their daily routine.

Intellipse didn’t just help us launch SMS, they gave us the segmentation and intelligence to speak directly to the purchase drivers of our prospective customers. Our product requires a lot of education during the buyer’s journey and Intellipse is the only SMS provider which makes these 1:1 conversations scalable.

Trevor Orr
Digital Marketing Manager


Their diverse product line attracts a wide range of buyers and people come to their site to solve a variety of problems. Because CBD skincare products are still new to many consumers, Apothecanna wanted a way to provide users with an individualized buying experience. In order to provide a personalized experience at scale, Apothecanna turned to Intellipse’s intelligent SMS engagement platform.


Apothecanna implemented Intellipse in less than 1 hour and saw positive ROI within the 1st week. Using Intellipse’s AI, Apothecanna developed a much deeper understanding of their anonymous website traffic. Unlike other SMS platforms, Intellipse’s AI is able to collect granular data about every website prospect - for Apothecanna, we collect valuable information to help inform product recommendations, personalized retargeting effort and future product innovations. For example, the data we collect from prospects includes purchase drivers (pain, arthritis, muscle recovery, relaxation, fatigue), lifestyle information (exercise habits, activity levels), and prior experience with CBD skincare.

Key Results

4.8 %
Intellipse’s AI-powered lead capture system converted 4.8% of total website traffic to SMS leads
22.3 %
Leads who returned to Apothecanna’s website via SMS campaigns and converted to customers
81.45 x
Intellipse has generated an 81.45x ROI for Apothecanna

Case Study

Prior to Intellipse, Apothecanna’s segmentation relied on generic triggers like page visits or cart abandonments. With Intellipse, Apothecanna’s possibilities for segmentation are endless, enabling individualization at scale for the first time.

SMS is a highly personalized channel and detailed segmentation allows Apothecanna to send highly indivualized messages. This level of personalization is key to fostering engagement via SMS and is the driving force behind Apothecanna’s results.

In just three months, Intellipse’s AI-powered lead capture system converted 4.8% of total website traffic to SMS leads. 22.3% of leads who retired to Apothecanna’s website via SMS campaigns converted to customers (the conversion rate is high because of the personalized recommendations made possible by real-time segmentation). In total, Intellipse has generated an 81.45x ROI for Apothecanna and we’re just getting started.

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