Why Intellipse SMS?

AI that connects you
and your prospects

At Intellipse, we're building tools to meaningfully engage prospects at B2C scale. Discover the motivations, frustrations and reasons for purchase from even your anonymous visitors. Then leverage that knowledge to automatically build individualized two-way SMS campaigns that convert leads to customers.

We create AI to make individualization scale for D2C.

SMS is a new channel

Your prospects' expectations for how you interact with them via SMS is not the same as email.

Other Platforms

Intellipse Platform

Behavioral Data

Abandoned cart, etc.

SMS Automations

Sequenced follow-ups after a visitor leaves your site.

SMS Campaigns

One-time SMS offers and updates.

Basic Lead Segmentation

Choose who to send a message to based on their generic behavior.

True Intent Data

Tells you motivations, concerns and objections of visitors.

True Intent Segmentation

Leverage True Intent psychographic data to create more effective segments.

Interactive Lead Capture

Capture leads with engaging content instead of pop-ups.

AI-Optimized Content

Determines the content most likely to convert a visitor to lead automatically.

AI-Optimized Timing

Determines the best points in the visitor's journey to invite them to interact.

20:1 Lead Capture Ratio

The ratio of anonymous visitors who become SMS leads even without relying on discounts.

Today's shoppers
expect more

They want to be educated and engaged.
They want to be delighted and not distracted.
They want to be spoken to and not spammed.

Ready to find out how Intellipse can level-up your marketing?