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Intellipse is the human-centric SMS marketing platform empowering brands to build customer loyalty via authentic engagement, actionable insights, and customized conversational experiences.

Don’t spam, engage!

1-way conversations are invasive and outdated. Using AI technology, Intellipse powers 2-way conversations to give customers what they want, a real human experience.

Backed by Google and trusted by leading brands

Our aim is to make conversational messaging via text accessible to all D2C brands.
Founded by
AI Experts
Backed by
Google's AI VC

“If there is one thing that a marketer wanted to know, it would be what is in the head of the buyer. The hardest thing to ever infer is what their intent is… and that is why I see Intellipse as a game changer for marketers”

Jeff Weiser, former CMO of

Why Conversational Messaging?

Customers that feel connected to your brand are more likely to convert, and return.
+50 %
Reply Rate
+40 %
Click-Through Rate
+30 %
Conversion Rate
All conversations are monitored by real Intellipse operators to ensure 99% response accuracy.


Intellipse captures 1st party anonymous visitor insights like interests, intent and barriers to entry through interactive and conversational experiences.


Easily build SMS campaigns or 2-way conversational customer journeys that support your business goals and speak to specific needs.


Utilize rich insights to improve segmentation, drive more scalable personalization, increase revenue and launch targeted automations.

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Reach customers where they shop most – on their mobile device
Reach customers where they shop most - on their mobile device

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