The New, Intelligent Funnel
for your Mobile Visitors

Intelligently predict the intent of your anonymous mobile traffic and turn them into engaged SMS leads

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Improve Mobile Conversions with Powerful AI

For most brands, mobile traffic accounts for over 60% of site visits but just a fraction of sales. Old school engagement platforms use email to nurture these visitors. But for most shoppers, email is not engaging.

Intellipse is an intelligent new sales funnel that captures leads, engages visitors through SMS, and wins revenue with powerful AI.

Intelligent Behavior
Intelligent Intent
SMS Lead Capture with Robust Visitor Profiles
AI Powered Conversations that Win Revenue

Intelligent Behavior Analysis

We reveal a lot about ourselves by how we browse.
Intellipse uses Machine Learning to build an Intelligent Profile
for each visitor and decode their intent.

Attention Span Analysis

Intellipse analyzes breaks in scrolling to predict your visitor's interests, questions, and objections.

Intellipse learns browsing habits to capture
unique data no other platform can capture.

Get to know your visitors based on these critical factors:

Intelligent Intent Prediction

Intellipse can predict the true intent of your visitors based on how they
navigate and interact with your site - even when they're visiting anonymously.

Leverage Profiles to Intelligently Engage
and Convert to SMS Leads

Use intelligent content to convert your casual browsers into highly-qualified SMS leads

Then we'll use engaging, interactive content to convert them into highly-qualified SMS leads.

Uncertain Shoppers

Use predictive content to overcome objections before they arise.

Price-aware Profile

Seal the deal with price sensitive shoppers with discounts and promotions.

AI Powered Conversations that Win Revenue

Intellipse's conversation AI draws from each propect's profile to create an
SMS sales experience that builds trust with your brand. It engages your
prospects, answers their questions, and steers them towards a purchase.

Leverage AI to have 1:1 Conversations with Prospects at Scale
Engage Prospects via SMS. Answer their questions, and earn their trust for your brand.
Convert 20-30% of SMS Leads into Paying Customers

Create a New High Performing Channel for Your Brand

  • Convert 5% of your mobile visitors to SMS leads
  • 99% Open rates
  • +37% Engagement over SMS
  • +35% Conversions
  • +20x ROI

Meet our Team

Intellipse is led by world-class AI engineers and backed by Gradient Ventures, a subsidiary of Google focusing on innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence.