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Intelligent Customer Experience and Relationship Platform

A personalized web and mobile experience

The Intellipse AI-powered conversational platform automatically engages your visitors on each step of the customer journey.

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Understand Prospects and Drive Engagement

Intellipse interprets prospect motivations to address their needs at the right time in the buying process.

Automated analysis and AI
Understand behavior and provide insights about the visitor journey: what leads to abandon or churn.

Friction points identified
Relevant content served to overcome objections, reinforce purchase decisions, or build relationships.

Personalized Content

Target identified Personas and Cohorts

Understand characteristics of visitors to craft messaging and content that resonates with prospects.

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Continuous Improvement

Experiment to learn what engages visitors

AI analysis data lets you know what is working and how to easily and quickly improve your content.

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Analytical Dashboard for your Marketing Team

Gain a deeper understanding of prospects

Intelligent and semantic segmentation analysis of your visitors helps you unlock behavioral data on previously anonymous visitors.

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Proof of Concept Process

Integration: Intellipse works with your current marketing tools: Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Intercom, Drift, Amplitude, and many other platforms.

Setup: Software automatically collects and analyzes visitor traffic and behavior for a week.

Trial: Weekly customer success meetings monitor performance with targeted prospects and evaluate results based on measurable success metrics.

Review: Evaluate results and discuss how Intellipse continuous learning can improve customer experience, grow your sales pipeline, and ultimately drive revenue.

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Intellipse translates to measurable benefits - and conversions
  • Personalize the customer journey

  • Understand personas and behavior

  • Drive conversions that lead to sales
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  • Automate 24/7 self service

  • Identify patterns to guide content

  • Gather feedback and contact info
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