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We empower real, 2-way conversational messaging at scale to build customer relationships and increase revenue by 34%.

Treat your customers to real proactive sales conversations

Tailored, interactive conversations that feel real because they are. No additional headcount required.

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“If there is one thing that a marketer wanted to know, it would be what is in the head of the buyer. The hardest thing to ever infer is what their intent is… and that is why I see Intellipse as a game changer for marketers”

Jeff Weiser, former CMO of

Why Conversational Sales?

Customers that feel connected to your brand are more likely to convert, and return.
+50 %
Reply Rate
+40 %
Click-Through Rate
+30 %
Conversion Rate
Superhuman accuracy. 99.5% of our conversations have the same accuracy as your best sales person chatting with your customers.

Know your customers like your best friend

Intellipse captures 1st party anonymous visitor insights then pairs with millions of data points to tell you what steps will convert visitors and customers. Insights like interests, location and preferences can be used to automatically provide additional education or recommend the next product that they are likely to buy.

Interact with visitors like you would in person

You don't offer discounts to every in-store shopper, so why would you do that online? Instead engage them with interactive content and send the results in their preferred channel. You’ll capture a lead plus gain insights to use in future conversations. They'll get valuable education focused on their needs which fosters trust with your brand.

Start a conversation, close a sale

1-way messages promote, but they feel transactional and don’t expand revenue. Instead, we help you treat customers like humans through 2-way, meaningful conversations. In real-time, we learn their preferences, answer questions, and steer them toward best-fit products to increase conversion rates.

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Reach customers where they shop most – on their mobile device
Reach customers where they shop most - on their mobile device

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Capture data that generates conversational texts for a personalized experience and unmatched results